Learn How To Make An Apron

If you can sew- you already know how to make an apron! All you really need are beginning sewing skills, fabric and some sewing supplies. Let me give you a quick run-down on what you need to make that apron.

How To Make An Apron -
Choose A Pattern

Apron Patterns- Make time to visit a pattern counter at your local fabric store. Browse the pattern books. You'll find a cute apron sewing pattern that's perfect for you!  

Vintage apron patterns- Finding a vintage apron pattern is easy. There are over 100 years of old apron patterns... many from companies you've never heard of before. Sewing with vintage apron patterns is a little different than using modern apron patterns. Here's tips about how to make an apron with a vintage apron pattern. 

Make one without a pattern– Relax! Aprons can be really easy to sew. A square or rectangle and an apron string or tie makes a great waist apron. 

Free apron patterns- I have a large collection of vintage sewing patterns from the 1900s thru now. Some of the patterns for aprons are okay to share without violating the designers copyright. I'll take a look and see if I can share any of these as a free apron pattern!

Sewing Tools, Supplies and Notions

Sewing tools and supplies- The apron pattern you choose will tell you how much fabric and what notions for sewing (thread, trim, etc.) you'll need to complete your project. 

Sewing machine- I'm not very modern-sewing-machine savvy; my three machines are old, retro, vintage, and antique! I prefer machines with solid metal parts. Only my Babylock serger is less than 50 years old! But if your budget permits, go sewing machine shopping to see what's out there!   

Buy Fabric For Aprons

Buy fabric for an apron- Shopping for apron fabric is a really fun part of making aprons. You can buy fabric at online fabric shops or go to your local fabric store. Either way, you're sure to find sewing material that's perfect for your apron project.

 Vintage fabric- Some vintage fabric is over 50 years old and still brand new! Or you can “upcycle”, repurpose or recycle fabric for a totally unique apron. Click here for tips about where to find vintage fabric for your aprons. 

Once you have all your sewing goodies gathered in one place, you're ready to begin!